Shopping Day 2

Shopping Day Blues

It’s enough to make you write broken poetry


What, indeed, is left after shopping day?

For Those Stuck at Home

Shopping definitely has become a chore. Our dollar’s dipping, control is slipping, and prices are higher than ever before. Hardly it’s worth it to go out through the door ’cause results have fallen right through the floor. What you get for your money won’t buy any honey that you need for baking the bread.

And to make things much worse, the weather refuses to be sunny and there’s an aching throb in your head. You almost don’t go ’cause you definitely know that comparing all the prices will take all the day, and even the deals will stack up so high that your wallet won’t be able to pay.

And ’cause your dollars grow wings and leave behind stings, you know you leave prices behind that will definitely grow.

Shopping Day. What a trial, and all the while, your loved one lies there at home, hunger in the belly, crying in the heart, and you wonder where to go if she doesn’t stay.

Looking after your Alzheimer’s person is hard enough without being driven into poverty.

Pity the poor people on welfare and fixed incomes; think of the homeless; heck, think of your wallet.

Shopping_Day_2_-_Flying_Dollars_--_2016-02-05_0726my plummeting dollar

What’s left after shopping day?

A shopper’s frustrated, jagged cry of despair

Never Were More Harder times

Does shopping day cause Dementia?
The dimensions of Dementia are so extreme
One of those extremes is Alzheimer’s
Turns you into mountain climbers
Make you feel there is no team

Make you think no use to deem
Your precious time your own
Scramble, scramble count the dimes
Never were more harder times

Damn, Damn, Damn, Damn, Damn,
Could never afford that juicy ham
Tempted to take and go on the lam
Dodge the cops like you’d dodge a raging ram

Cook that ham on a    camp fire
No better was to quell hunger’s desire

How do I dodge the crippling prices?
How can I afford to buy the rices?

How in the world can we co-exist with the richer few
When we’re left in the lurch to hoe and hew

Shopping, shopping, how I dread the shopping day
You spend an hour reading stickers
Could even give you the ALZ-hickers
Never were there harder there times
Damn, never were more harder times

How I dread that shopping day.

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