Somebody’s Taken Over My Mirror


Somebody's Taken Over - Ever Feel Old - Capture - 6-27-2016

Somebody’s Taken Over My Mirror

Somebody’s taken over my mirror!
When did I start looking that old?
Stop painting wrinkles on my image,
I don’t look like that, I look bold;
My face is firm, my smile it is solid.
If I catch you, I’ll have you arrested
For fraudulently faking my face.

If I had an eraser I’d erase you,
You have no right to make me so blue.
How can I believe you, you’re an image–
An image inside of an image–
So how can you possibly be true?
And yet you stand there before me
And you snatch my face from me,
Who are you to live in my mirror?

Somebody’s taken over my mirror!
And he’s stolen my face off of me.
So how do I get my face back now?
Please Mr. Mirror reflect now,
Is this a kind thing for you to do?
Please Mr. Mirror reflect now,
Please give my face back to me now,
And please won’t you get out of my mirror?

I’m going to climb inside of that mirror
And strangle that thief of my face,
For if he has done that to my face,
What has he done to my body?
And what if has he made it look gaudy?
Oh! I’m going to crack that damned mirror–
That’s not what I want to see in my mirror–
And make that damned thief pay for his theft!

I need to salvage my face or what’s left of it,
Please give me back my trusty old mirror,
The one that showed me my truer old self.
Somebody’s living inside of my mirror
His face is nothing short of a horror,
Look what he’s done to my poor face!
This is not a wrinkle, it’s a bloody great gap!
Ooh, I’m in such an awful old flap…
Somebody’s taken over my mirror!

–H. W. Bryce

Somebody's Taken Over My Mirror- Ever Feel Old 2 - Capture - 6-27-2016

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