I Am My Own Hero


Hero by igngrez - Capture - Aug 15, 2016

My Hero’s Journey

You are on a Hero’s Journey, and it will make you strong.

The situation arises. Your loved on is in danger. The challenge is thrown down.

At first, you are reluctant; you do not want this assignment; you never asked for this; it will interfere with your life. You have things to do, places to go, people to meet.

Then, you’re stuck. The worthy foe has introduced complications.

There is no one else who can or will do this; besides, he needs you and you love him, and anyway, come down to it, it is your duty. And there is nobody else there or willing. So, reluctantly, you take up the challenge – or, rather, it takes you up.

You fight, you struggle, you wrestle with your guilt and conscience, but the damned disease keeps winning; the foe is relentless; it sees your strategy and it attacks; it’s always three steps ahead.

Every time you calm down your world, anger flares up and sanity escapes. The chase is back on. You are failing as a hero. And your loved one is flailing, anguished, failing physically.

You become exhausted, you despair, you give up!

I am no hero

But then, out of the divorce with hope, the bleakness and the cathartic crying jag, you see his face. You see his face. You see HIM  — despair, his terror, etc., and you cannot stand it. All the love floods back, and you rise up and you grab your sword and scream as you lunge forward. The tables are turned.

You are in control, hell or hail of arrows, you will manage for him, you will fend off the foes…you WILL be his hero.

You make your last stand

Well, in the end, you lose the war. The disease has taken him.

Your lowest moment ever.

You grieve.

You recover.

You say farewell.

BUT, you’ve won back his soul, you have protected his body and his mind, his pride  and memory and legacy. You’ve regained his dignity.

And you’ve won yours too.You are free. So is he. You are proud. And so should you be.

His love endures.

Suddenly you realize: I am strong.

I am Hero!

'Hero's Heart' - Capture

To all care givers everywhere.

CREDIT: http://www.deviantart.com/art/I-am-a-HERO-107154225


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