Footprints in the Snow


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Footprints in the Snow

A picture on my friend Jackie Medaris’ Facebook page inspired me to write this poem.

Footprints in the Snow

I was lost and very lonely,
Wand’ring, where I didn’t know,
When I stumbled upon some footprints –
Footprints in the snow.

By then despair had taken hold,
Hope had wafted far away;
I shivered with the cruel cold
And mindsight, shaken, couldn’t stay.

My frozen mind did not believe
These footprints could be fresh;
It couldn’t grasp they could retreive
A broken soul in frozen flesh.

I stood and stared, then something stirred,
My feet filled up those deep footprints,
And so with eyes that both were blurred,
The most arduous of my travelling stints.

Footprints in the snow, “Lead me home.”
They led me on my weary way.
I trudged but saw a fairy dome…
Till a candle in the window bay.

They said that no one had gone out,
Nor had anyone come in at home.
So whose footprints in the snow
Without a doubt brought me back home?

I don’t know how it is or why,
But all is well in this universe
When magic happens and we can fly
In the dark like migrant firefly.*
When we are chosen to be care givers,
we are lost in that snow storm,
as are our loved one.
The realization makes us feel cold.
But somehow, from somewhere,
some footsteps do appear,
and we place our feet in their imprints
and follow to that candle light,
and see our loved one safely home
in that warm and lovely good night.

*Ladybugs generally migrate to North America for the summer and South America for the winter.
Ladybugs can migrate anywhere, as long the place has food for them.



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