A Thousand Pieces: Part Two


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A Thousand Pieces:Part Two

By Arden Nering

Scratches on the record putting skips into your song
Fleeting thoughts escaping, almost here before they’re gone
The shrinking of your universe, interests no longer claim that name
Too much to remember all the rules in the game
The conversation flow around you but seem to pass you by
Too much to participate so you just close your eyes
I try to light the path to make it easier to find
When am I supposed to grieve, where is the line

Connections lost and found again, a system on the fritz
Basic independence lost in tiny little bits
Dignities plucked painfully one at a time
You bear this all so gracefully or so it seems from the outside
I watch from the shadow as you flicker on the screen
Death by a thousand pieces is malicious and mean
Bu when luck is my companion I am there to see you shine
So when am I supposed to grieve, where is the line

A kaleidoscope of moments from memories then shift
Past and present strewn together on the sea adrift
Different answers to your questions, asked and asked once more
The truth is not across the street so please let’s close the door
You wonder who I am and why I’m dong this to you
You’re only going home you say and that’s what you intend to do
I tried to hold the weight of it, to leave my hurts aside
When am I supposed to grieve, where is the line

Those with Alzhheimer’s in the family, especially the care givers, will know and relate to every step recorded in this remarkable poem. Those friends and relatives who don’t or can’t, should learn to. Care giving can be such a thankless task. Please be understanding.

— —

Being Advocate

Being advocate is an honourable thing,.
It’s an honest and worthy calling
So it’s all that you’ve got that you bring
When a life needs a good overhauling.

It’s assessing the facts, calling the score,
Dealing with hardships, taking the horn,
Being the umpire, opening the door,
Fixing injustice so fairness is born.

Being advocate takes a lot of know-how,
It’s being your strongest for your charge,
It’s standing up for what is right , no bow,
So that freedom from oppression can enlarge.

–H. W. Bryce

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