A Thousand Pieces – Part Three


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A Thousand Pieces – Part Three


By Arden Nering

Parts are breaking down and refusing to go
The gas is getting old and the oil’s running low
We try to do all the things that we can think to do
No one is really sure if this is for us or for you
The will to try has left you and try to find it as we might
It seems that death by a thousand pieces has made off with your fight
I stand behind you and encourage you to try just one more time
When am I supposed to grieve, where is the line

Letting go is never easy, how can I leave you in this place
How to surrender to the truth of it and not leave my soul disgraced
Faces blur together so I tell you who I am
I tell you stories from the past to try to help you understand
I tell you jokes to give you something, a smile, a laugh, some cheer
But I know this is so hollow, I would not want to be here
When I have to leave you I whisper that you are a love of mine
When am I supposed to grieve, where is the line

The fabric’s growing threadbare, the pattern’s fading from our view
Somewhere underneath is the shrinking form of you
It seemed that you no longer have anything to say
The sound of your voice was the next piece taken away
The light in your eyes and the smile was almost the last thing to go
These little things revealing the true essence of your soul
I tried to stay beside you, a companion at the end
This is not the time to grieve, hold it together then

All truth be told there are very few who would disagree
That passing peacefully in bed is the best form of mercy
Better still to be in the arms of your love true
Bittersweet release both for us and for you
To the end of the path we’ll take you, your journey at an end
For all the gifts you gave me I would do it all again
Now I am without you, I look back and I find
Death by a thousand pieces, I’ve been grieving all this time

–For my Dad, Allan James Gillis Aug 20th, 1932 – Dec 25th, 2015
–Arden Nering

This says it all, so I will delay my next Advocate poem until next time.
My sincere thanks to Arden Nering for this Guest Blog, and to my
sister Ruth for sharing it.

Credit: My best friend in wheelchair at window – 2016-01-15 by H. W. Bryce

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