Golden Years in Winter

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Today’s Guest Blog is from Jean Vachon, up north,
where winter is.

My friend Jean says: Here is what I do when I get bored!
Not too serious, just my silly humor.
We do go dancing every Sunday to keep us going,
and meet friends for coffee twice a week.

[And, of course, life up there is so full and so busy that
it’s a wonder she had time to put pen to paper.
–Thanks Jean.]


Winter At The Vachons

Winter’s upon us, it’s freezing outside.
We feel sort of house bound, we’re fit to be tied.
We get up each morning, at the crack of eight.

I better get breakfast, We must not be late.
Out to the shop there is scrolling to be done,
back in an hour, that wasn’t much fun.
Now for a snooze, it’s not even mid day,
time’s slowly ticking the hours away.
It’s lunch time, I said with a sigh.
what will we have? Oh a small bowl of soup,
and a big piece of pie!
Time for some Tellie, and more snoozing of course,
after watching Dr. Pol castrating a horse.
Supper is ready, and it’s piping hot, it’s nothing special,
not what he thought.
Now is high time to open your eyes, Donald Trump’s on the news,
Oh what a supersize!
Even more zees, before watching a show,
nine o clock is late, that’s bed time you know.
I hope we won’t dream, it can be such a fright!,
It makes for a terrible, and, awful long night.
Morning comes early, What can I say….
It’s time for another … exciting day!

 Golden Years for Winter and Golden Years

My Version Of The Golden Years.

My eyes are slowly failing,
next are my ears.
“Welcome” they say, to The Golden Years!

My tummy is rumbling,I hope it will pass,
I may get relief, by passing some gas.
The night light burns bright, so I can see,
I’ll be up half the night, I drank too much tea.
The old brain is foggy, it gets me in a tizzy,
Can I move or even walk, without feeling dizzy.
Sometimes my back aches, but oh what the heck,
I’m an antique you know, not some old train wreck.
All that being said, I still have a chance,
I’ll take what I’ve got, see you all at the dance.
My family and friends, make me feel so much better,
a phone call from them, or even a letter.
a visit with you, or a coffee with me,
let’s keep in touch, I’ll be happy you see.
there will be some laughter, and even some tears,
so let’s make the best, of our ” Golden Years”
–J. V.

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ottom cartoon via Clip Art,

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