You, Advocate: You are your loved one’s advocate


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You, Advocate:

You Are Your Loved One’s Advocate


You are your loved one’s Advocate.
Who else will stand up for him?
You know his heart very well,
His habits, his mores, his needs,
And it’s fight! Fight! FIGHT!
For his spirit, his strength and his pleads.
Now that he’s weakened and lost,
It is you who must, at all costs,
Protect his dignity and rights,
And save him from bad deeds
And neglect and abuse.

You are your loved one’s advocate.
Be that a man or a woman or a child;
The fight might turn wild
But you must be mild
And considered in fighting the fight,
For to argue and shout is definitely out
If you are to win any bout for your charge.

You are your loved one’s advocate
When your loved one can’t speak for himself.
When he’s in need it’s you who must heed
The call to duty to act.
You must learn all the ropes
To know how to protect his hopes
And fulfill all of his basic needs.
And who else is there but you?
You are your loved one’s advocate.

Be the eye of the storm,
vicious in your client’s defence,
the lightning bolt of ideas and arguments.
Be the wind that carries the day
and sweep caring and sharing into our hearts
to build a better day. You can always find a way.

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  1. Herb, My next blog post will be about cancer patients and their advocates. As you know so well, everyone needs someone by their side during good times and especially bad times. Your thoughts hit home with me. Take care, my friend. Clare

  2. admin says:

    Thank you ever so much Claremary. Hurt is universal, and these diseases exact much hurt. I value your compassion. Hugs.

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