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Stand Up, Stand Up:

You Are Strong

Stand up, stand up for the poor,
The disenfranchised and the ableless,
Stand up for the homeless,
Never turn them from your door.

Stand up, stand up for what is right,
Fight within the moral laws;
Fight for justice, fight for cause,
Fight for right with all your might.

Stand up, stand up for dignity,
See to the comfort of the ill,
When there’s a fault, set it right,
Stand up for all humanity.

Stand up, stand up for those in need,
Be it for the body or the psyche;
Be the moral compass when need be,
Set the tone and live the creed.

When a he or a she can no longer act
In defence of their defenceless self,
Act in their defence and in their stead,
Step in, step in, advocate with tact.

Who Will Advocate?

That someone should be you, you’re the one who
Knows how to protect their interests the best.
In the case of a loved one, who else should it be
But you, who can advocate with zest?

You may not have considered taking such a role,
You may not have considered it at all,
But when misfortune calls and exacts its toll,
Who else is there willing to carry the ball?

Reluctant you may be, but duty makes the call,
And you must arm yourself to face the brink.
Know this, my advocating friend, you are strong,
Much, much stronger than ever you might think.

–H. W. Bryce

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