You Don’t Owe Me


You Don’t Owe Me

We lived, we loved, perhaps too hard…
But now we part, I hold the card.
You think that you have hurt my heart.
But you don’t owe me.

I’ve only done my little part,
You’ve only listened to your heart,
You say how grateful that you are,
But you don’t owe me.

I held your hand through all your hurt,
I helped you heal from all the dirt,
I was always there for you my dear,
But you don’t owe me.

I saw you through when you were ill,
I was the one who paid the bill,
I took you home and tucked you in,
But you don’t owe me.

We lived, we loved, perhaps too hard,
We honoured life, we loved the bard,
I played the loving card for you,
But you don’t owe me.

You’ve always followed your own heart,
And I was faithful from the start,
You swore to me we’d never part,
But you don’t owe me.

And we went out and danced the dance,
And we lived the life, took the chance.Sunset picture for blog You Don't Owe Me
You say you’re grateful for all that,
But you don’t owe me.

And now the time is for goodbye,
It’s no fault of yours that you die,
But don’t you worry my sweetheart,
No, you don’t owe me.

We lived and love, perhaps too hard,
We both played the lover’s card,
Both our hearts were overcharged,
And no regrets, we lived life large.

There’s no need for sorry, dear,
All is well between us now,
You can forget all your fear,
All is well between us now.

You don’t owe me anything!
I did what I did for love,
I don’t ask for anything,
You paid me in full with love.

Life is not a buy and sell,
Nor a favour asked, a favour done;
Life is just a love affair
And no, my dear, you don’t owe me.

–H. W. Bryce
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Remember Me

Forget me not, for I’m still here–One red rose for blog You don't Owe Me
Please don’t fear for me;

But remember me, remember us–
Please don’t make a fuss.

We had good times, remember them–
Remember me, remember us.

So plant a flower, a forget-me-not–
Carry me in your heart.
Remember now…forget me not.

Note: “Remember Me” is from my book “Chasing a Butterfly,”
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Chasing a Butterfly

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