Great People: Home Town Heroes


picture for Great People: Home Town Heroes
from Charles Dickens’ Martin Chuzzlewit

Great People: Home Town Heroes

*from my book Chasing a Butterfly
to mark my soft launch and signing
Tuesday, April 4, 2017, 7:00 p.m.
at the ACT Theatre, Maple Ridge, BC

Great People: Home Town Heroes

H. W. Bryce

Society honours its own Great People,
Its leaders, its heroes, its good-deed doers,
All for good reason, it’s a good thing to do,
They set good examples for us to do too.
But I have some heroes of equal worth,
Kind-hearted folk, the salt of the earth,
They’re plain common folk who live in our town,
And they all deserve Good Samaritan’s crown.
Like the girls in the jewellery shop in the mall,
Jewels themselves, they take her to heart.
Patient as saints they listen with care,
As my Love stutters to say what she’s brought in for repair.
Like the security folk and the cops in the car
Who find her when lost from our home and afar
And bring her back home, all safe and all sound—
To them and all such we truly are bound.
Like the hospital folk, so down to earth,
They give of their time from death to birth
And take all the time that my frail one deserves—
Such is the heart of each one who serves.
Like the folks in the street when she stops them right there,
And two of them bond, an implausible pair.
Like the house retailer who listens intent,
He shows her his listings, he’s heavenly sent!
Or the beggar who smiles and gives her a buck
And tells her now, dear, you’ll never be stuck.
My heart wants to stop, keep this moment to mine,
Bless you my friend, may your sun ever shine.
Like the heroes inside our supportive group,
They’ve all been through the wringer’s loop;
They come with experience and wisdom hard won,
And we soothe and support each other, each one.
And the nurses and aides and the folks in the manor
Who keep her there in a comfortable manner;
They’re warm-hearted, helpful and ever aware,
So She needn’t worry and I trust in their care.
These are the people of my home town,
Who help each other without a frown;
True Heroes all and deserving a hand.
May we all learn to take such a heroic stand!


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