Where Have All the Cartoonists Gone?


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Where Have All the Cartoonists Gone?

Where have all the cartoonists gone?
We miss them sorely, miss them every day.
Why are they gone?
Who laid them off?
What are they doing now?
How do they make a living, how?

Has the humour gone with them?
Where are all the wits?
Who has stolen Irony?
Life is dull without all them.

Have ALL the newspapers cut them
In trying to save their paper lives?

Who is left to make us laugh?
Who now will make us think?

Who is there now to ease our pain
With the funny side of life?

Who paints a thousand words today
With squiggles on the page?

Who is left to help us cope
With ironies of life in age?

When your mother lies adying,
Who can cut the ache with smiles?

Who? When life’s enemies come teeming
With Alzheimer’s, cancer, all disease?

And when your loved one keeps forgetting,
Where are the comics with their funny clocks then?

Where have all the cartoonists gone?
Why have they left us alone and wan?

Tell me please, I really need to know;
To lose them too deals a double blow.

I need a chuckle now and then,
And without the humorist, when?

CREDIT: https://pixabay.com/en/time-is-money-businessman-time-of-1251236/

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