Inner Critic: Writers and Carers


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Inner Critic: Writers and Carers

Writers especially have an inner critic. Inner critics are never satisfied. They continually plague the writer’s mind with questions, questions, question, what ifs, doubts…

So it is for care givers. Many and many a fellow caregiver has expressed their frustration and despair about their inner critic beggaring them with doubts – doubts about their ability…
– doubts about whether or not they have done right for their charge
– What if? What if? What if?

Well, what if I had written a better poem?

Anyway, here is one way to look at it:

Inner Critic: Writers and Carers

I try to live a peaceful life,
I’m even good to my wife.
I write and write but every time
I type a sentence I hear a voice
Who takes issue with its form.
He argues with my syntax,
He argues with my voice;
I try to still him but I fail—
He’s my inner critic, tough guy.

I’m always asking of him why.
His disdain turns me quite pale.
He plagues me with another choice,
He wants to give my words the axe,
He’s bored with writing a la norm,
He never ever will rejoice.
He rejects my every rhyme.
No longer can I take the strife,
My inner critic, bane of life!

I’ll bet you can write a better poem.

Tell me your better poem about your inner critic. I’ll use it in next columnn(s).

Oh wait. Is that a good idea? What if I don’t get any? What if I get too many?
Why didn’t I write a better poem?

Oo-kee. Okay, Rhyme Scheme is okay. Did I really nail it?

OHH! You critic! Don’t be such a tough guy.

Still, what if…

Oh critic! SHUT UP!!!


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