One Perfect Moment


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One Perfect Moment

A Guest Blog by Serena Sinclair, a wonderful writer at
Serena took up the challenge and wrote an alphabet blog, 
mostly chronicling the family struggle with her mother’s 

Today’s blog is P is for Picture


One Perfect Moment

I went home for Christmas this winter thinking it would be the last time I saw my mom.

My flight back to California was ridiculously early so I had to say goodbye the night before. I asked my dad to tell me when it was time to say goodnight and he let me know when Mom was finally ready to go to bed.

I went to her and tried to stay really happy and positive, giving her a hug and saying goodnight. It was quick because I didn’t want to think too hard about the situation, but as soon as I left the room I realized I forgot to tell her I loved her.

I had to go back in, I knew I needed to tell her in person because it might be the last opportunity I got to do so. My sister came in after and while I was hugging my mom on one side, my dad hugged her on the other side and she took this perfect picture. In it we all have genuine smiles. We are holding onto each other and although the practical reason is we have to hold on to Mom to help her keep her balance, in the picture it just looks like a warm embrace (which it also was).

When I look at the picture I can’t tell my mom has Alzheimer’s. I see happiness, love, family. That’s why I was inspired to write the poem that I did.

I don’t like to talk about perfection, because I think it’s generally an unobtainable and unrealistic goal. I see this picture though, and it really is one perfect moment.

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Thank you Serena. This is a very touching story. We wish you and your mother serenity.

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