I’m Gonna Love You Anyway


I'm gonna love you anyway

I’m Gonna Love You Anyway

I’m gonna love you like the good Lord Jesus
You may not be ready, you may not be braced,
But I’m coming at you for that loving embrace,
And I’m gonna love you even if Hell freezes.

You may have spurned me, rejected my love,
You might even have treated me with scorn
And you have sorely tried my patience, it’s torn,
But I’m interceding like a pure white peace dove

You say I don’t love you, but how do you know?
You’ve grown ever so bitter, forgotten our past,
Remember we vowed how our love would last,
Taking your scorn now is a bitter blow.

But come as you please, or come what may,
I know it’s not you that is putting me down
It’s this damned disease that wears the frown
And I’m gonna love you anyway.

Yes I’m gonna love you any way.
Our love I swear is here to stay.
I’m not giving up, nor should you,
For I’m loving you so don’t be blue.

I’m here for you darling in every which way,
I’m staying here with you in spite of it all,
I’m staying because I’m in for the long haul,
Trouble or not, I’m gonna love you anyway.

You may be fading, your love may be lost,
You may not remember but, lover, I do
I’m loyal as ever for all we’ve been through
And what we have had just cannot be tossed.

Yes I’m gonna love you any way,
’Cause I see what is you’re going through..
Believe it or not I’ve always been true,
So bet yer boots, I’m gonna love you anyway.

CREDIT: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-presenile-dementia.htm#seated-older-man-and-woman-at-table-with-coffee-mugs-looking-worried

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Judge at 6th Rabindrinath Tagore Awards - International - English Poetry Contest Author of Ann, A Tribute, and Chasing a Butterfly, A story of love and loss to Acceptance
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  4. admin says:

    Hi. Just reviewing the comments list. So glad you commented. thank you. Not to push it, but it you are dealing in the same field – Alzheimer’s – you must have noticed that I have a book of poems on the subject, arising from my years of care giving to my wife. Alas, she is now gone. I wish you well in your endeavour. You could let me know how it’s going if you like. (PS: I’m still actually quite new at this comment field, so forgive the late response. Thank you. )

  5. admin says:

    Hello. Thank you again for your comment. At first I wasn’t trusting these comments – a lot of them were trying to sell me a service and I had no idea who they were. So here I am, re-visiting this back page. Yes, Alzheimer’s is a big topic. And it’s a big thing to have to be care giver to your loved one. For me it was writing poetry that helped the most, aside from education. The result has been this blog and my book of poems Chasing a Butterfly. Once again, thank yo for the compliment.

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