Win, Place, or Lose


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You give your all, you give your best,
You strive your strongest, without rest,

But like the fastest gun, in the west,
Two guys beat you out with, “You lose!”

Why does it have to be that way?
Losing is not the worst, okay?

The worst is being an outcast
Because you haven’t tried, or quit.

You break your record, so be proud,
Do not hang your head in shame,

You tried, and you will try again,
And you will have preserved your name.

Your heart and soul remain the same,
Still you love and work and play,

Your will is strong and it will stay,
So go, walk tall, you’re doing well.

And if you lose, you’ll learn a thing,
And finishing itself’s a win;

And if you place, you’re in the mix,
Look back to see from whence you’ve come;

And if you win, you owe no one,
The scoresheet’s clear, there is no sum

They say it’s lonely at the top,
But if you win, invite them all.

Win, place or draw, you did not lose
You’ve excelled at what you choose,

Win, place or lose, love is not a race
Love is constant, love is to embrace.

You’ve kept your loved one sound and safe,
Whatever score, you’ve won your place.

It’s a thing of heart, not of size,
In the giving, you win the prize.

To my fellow care givers, whatever the illness or accident.



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