To My Fellow Poets


To my fellow poets


To My Fellow Poets:

Here’s to you

Sometimes I hate you guys!
You are just that damned good.
But then, on the bright side,
You spur me on to be “gooder.”

Your poems come in all sizes, shapes and formats;
You write stuff so much better than I do.
You have such great, inspiring ideas,
Ideas I wish I’d arrived at before you.

Sometimes I think you stole my ideas…
So similarly had we written that verse.
But that only shows how great that idea,
That from a sow’s ear you’ve made a silken verse.

But then Poetry is not a competition;
Not in its creative composition.
So above all else, my fellow poets,
You write so extraordinarily well
That you do inspire me to excel.

— —

I Wish

I wish I could afford everybody’s book.
I wish I had time to read them all.
Books are treasures, as you all well know;
They hold the secrets to the writer’s soul.
Books inform and entertain,
They educate, amuse, bemuse,
They rouse you up, they comfort, and reassure.
They make you laugh, and they make you cry.
They inspire, and they can help to heal.

To my fellow poets - beat poet
Books are Love

L – literate
O – on tap always
V – viable for all
E – elevate

I love books; books are love.
They communicate,
They help to form community.

I wish I had the time…
I wish I had the money to buy…
I wish I could afford them all.

B – Books are my treasures
O – Own what you learn from books
O – On penalty of death, never damage a book
K – Kisses to the gods of books
S – Satisfaction

I wish I could own them all
I wish I had time to read them all.
Pour your heart into your books,
My friends.
I await your next with eager expectation.
I will love its looks, its smell,
Its contents. Write another one
For me.

— —

Just a bit of doodling without the philosophy.

A few lines to my fellow poets by way of a break from the relentless specter of Alzheimer’s. 

Books Photo by H. W. Bryce

CREDIT: Beat Poet –

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