Chasing a Butterfly Book Signing

Chasing a Butterfly Book Signing

I Remember

I remember the good times
When every season was summer
Because I was with you

I remember excitement
How my pulse coursed so hot
Because I was with you

I remember bad times
And how we survived
Because I was with you

I remember love times
Our forever love times
Because I’m always with you

Dignity Alphabet

Doing onto others
Igniting one’s worth
Giving freely
Never putting down
Intolerance put to rest
Yielding to the call of duty

The Queen of the Ball

When I met the lady
She was in her prime,
She was vivid, alive
and living with style,
She gave any place
Its warm pleasant clime,
And nobody else
Could match her sweet smile…

Much, much more in Chasing a Butterfly, the book,

See you there, Saturday, June 24, 2017.
1:00 p.m.
Haney Place Mall
Maple Ridge, BC

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Judge at 6th Rabindrinath Tagore Awards - International - English Poetry Contest Author of Ann, A Tribute, and Chasing a Butterfly, A story of love and loss to Acceptance
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  1. Marilyn Brewer says:

    Beautiful as always. Your poems are so sincere and there is no hiding the special bond you and Anne had and still have!! HugsXXX

  2. admin says:

    Thank you ever so much Marilyn. this means so very much to me. Thank you for being such a loyal friend.

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