Chasing but Late for dinner


After the flurry of activity about Chasing a Butterfly, 
I thought I should share a bit of it.

So here is the first poem in my book Chasing a Butterfly:

Chasing but


She hosted a party, her friends asked me to come;
I was ever so nervous but they said don’t be dumb.
But they made us get up and dance in the dark—
Electricity flowed and we both felt a spark,
And we both of us turned and we both of us ran—
I taunted a “catch me if you think that you can.”
But then she asked me for dinner at home in her flat,
So I computed to see what time would be that?

But culture in England has the quirkiest notions:
For dinner for her is supper for me
And supper for me must be time for her tea,
As she does the brekky, the lunch and the dinner and tea
And I do the breakfast and dinner and sup, don’t you see?
Not to mention elevenses or brunches or afternoon
So I calculated, translated, guaranteed a good fate—
But when I arrived for her dinner, I was four hours too late.

Now lateness for her is a passionate hate,
So when I arrived on her step for that very first date,
She scolded me, harsh!…then invited me in,
And I had to atone for committing that sin;
So I ate in discomfort, the hour was long—
I guess I computed the time a bit wrong.

But though she was angry, all was not lost,
She mellowed right out and I never felt bossed—
But always I wonder if she’d slammed that front door,
Or what if I’d turned and cowardly fled?
We’d never have wed and shared the same bed;
I’m ever so glad that I stayed for that dinner instead.

Remember that a portion of all sales go to the Alzheimer’s Society of BC 
in support of family care givers and to find a cure for this pernicious disease.

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