This Light: This Shining Light


This Light - shining light

THIS LIGHT: This shining light

This light
You see in me
I see in you
          -Xenia Tran



H. W. Bryce

Look not so sad, my friend,
The world has not yet ended,
Nor has, therefore, this life of yours,
There remain still more happy tours
To be had.

Look in my eyes, my friend,
Remember those befriended,
Look deep into my eyes and view-
This light you see in me, I see in you.
See this light.

This light comes from the soul,
Much deeper than the psyche,
For what we fear inside our mind
Is shallow, deeper meaning we can find
In the soul.

The soul, it will shine through,
We must hold on to our faith
While time it heals our deepest wound
And we grow stronger, we avoid the doom-                          This Light: Sad girl
Now hold on.

Being sad will not help,
Look you not like drowning duck.
So you are down upon your luck,
Be the peacock, strut you proud, show your pluck,
Lift your head.

So look not sad, my friend,
This is not the very end.
Now look into my eyes and view-
This light you see you see in me, I see in you!
See this light.

From the Whippet Wisdom haiku by Xenia Tran comes the poem by H. W. Bryce, written for an 
old, dear friend in England who was feeling down. 

The two had just recently got in touch
after more than fifty years.

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5 Responses to This Light: This Shining Light

  1. Hello Herb, I am glad my haiku inspired you to write a poem for your friend and I hope it will bring your friend some comfort. The correct link for the original post featuring my haiku is here:

  2. Marilyn Brewer says:

    The light at the end of the tunnel Herb???

  3. admin says:

    Possibly but not necessarily, Marilyn dear. Did I say, I wrote it for a dear, dear friend in London who was feeling lost and lonely? It is also a buck-me-up poem, an affirmation – I see the light in your eyes and you are loved.
    Thank you so much for always keeping in touch.

  4. admin says:

    Thank you Jean Vachon. So glad you like it.

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