Nine Markers for Alzheimer’s

 Nine Markers for Alzheimer’s

Thurs Jly 20, 2017

This morning’s news on CBC:

The Nine “markers” of possible impending Alzheimer’s disease:

Less children’s education

Hearing Loss    [and thus leading to isolation]


Obesity                        [and thus leading to diabietes]




Physical Inactivity

Social Isolation

The medical cost is way beyond the horizon. So is the suffering.

9 ways to reduce your risk

: in short, smarten up your “lifestyle” and live more healthily.

Also, from personal experience, watch those pills the doctor prescribes. One of them sent me on the path to contracting Alzheimer’s. Worst part? I was starting to accept that as my fate. Once I got off the pill, I recovered.

So keep that old body moving and the brain busy.

Excuse me now. I have to race to my computer and think up another poem. Then walk off all that exertion. Working on stamina.

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