I Am No Friend of Dementia


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I Am No Friend of Dementia came about because,
on the internet I was asked to join Friends of Dementia.

I Am No Friend of Dementia

H. W. Bryce

I am no friend of dementia,
I won’t give it a capital d,
In fact I am his sworn enemy
For what he’s done to my family.

He always goes back upon his word
And he’s never been true to me;
He’s cancelled everything that’s fun,
That’s no way for a friend to be.

It is an unforgiving sin,
A crime how he can be sublime,
How he seduces innocence,
Mistreats the people all the time

I am no friend of dementia,
For dementia’s mean to me,
He’s broken all his promises,
There is no faith in him to see.

He says he’ll lead you safely on,
That he’ll take good care of you,
But when you take that path with him,
He proves himself untrue.

Oh he’s taken his eraser
And he’s rubbed out my breakfast time,
And then when I thought it was dinner,
He up and turned around upon a dime.

There on my slate of mem-o-ries,
He has changed it all around;
He’s rubbed out all important dates,
And he’s left me feeling tied and bound.

So I am no friend of Dementia
He’s a double-dare, twofaced cad—
He even fools the intelligentsia—
He’s made everyone think that I am mad.

The trouble with dementia
Is dementia is demented.
I wish he’d get out of my head,
But I fear his presence is cemented.

Don’t trust him, he’s a bully
In the very worst possible way,
He scatters your life to the wind,
And he’s no longer welcome to stay.


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I want to have some peace now,
I sorely need to get some sleep.
If I could recall where the bed is,
I’d fall into it in one big heap.

So I am no friend of Dementia
Every time I want to go somewhere, 3
He deliberately blocks my way
It’s really quite too much to bear.

And when I need to remember a name,
He fiddles around with my brain;
And all of his dang’rous suggestions
Are totally, altogether in vain.

Every time I get an idea,
He scatters the pieces away,
And he blocks my way when I chase them,
So the idea can’t form and stay.

He’s a misery, a thief, and a cad,
Not capable of being a friend;
He stole the fun out of my life –
Oh how I wish that he would end.

He’s seduced all of my friends from me,
Turned my family against me,
And you say make friends with Dementia,
While I feel like I’m in a storm at sea.

Well I am no friend of Dementia,
Dementia can go straight on to Hell,
For he’s turned my life inside out now,
And now I live my life all pell-mell.

Yes Mr. Dementia,
Go straight on back to Hell.

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