Full circle: Circle of life

for Full Circle: Circle of Life

Full Circle

Circle of Life

from Gael Schwalm Fisher of Ontario
(mostly her words, she said)
With her permission

My Dearest Sara Jane Elaine…

One day I will repeat the same things twice…
I will repeat the good old days and stories I have told you so many times.
I will forget special occasions…
I will need you to be my eyes as they grow old.
I will need your hand to hold…and as we cross the road.
I will need you when I cry for no reason…
I will need you to love me and Accept me just the way I am.
I will need your advice when I can’t understand…
This is the “Circle of Life”…
and I know you will always be not only my Daughter,
but my Best Friend.,
I Love YOU and Thank You in Advance…


H. W. Bryce

Before all this, I mothered you.
I took care of all your needs.
Before all this, you looked up to me,
You always came to me for help…

I remember you, a little girl,
So sweet, blue eyes and hair with curls.
(I-I remember…)
You fell down and hurt your knee
And came to me to kiss and cure

Your tears disappeared right then.
And often through the years
You shared your thoughts, your hurts, your needs,
And always gave me love…

I’m sure I remember you…

What was I saying, dear? I can’t recall…
Except to say, I think, love was all,
All we ever needed, all we need now…
I think that’s right…please take my hand.

I seem to forget a lot these days…
I even sometimes lose my way…
Funny how you’re always there…
Ha ha. Aren’t we the pair?

“It’s quite all right, Mother, dear,
I’m here. I will always be here for you,
I promise you that. I see you have a scrape
There on your arm. Let me kiss it better.
There you are. Right as rain again.

“Let’s get you ready for your bed now.
Give me your arm, we’ll get that blouse off…
That’s it. Other arm. Good. Now your nightie.
All set now Mom. Pillow plumped. Good night.
Yes, I will sit with you, in case you need me.

“I’ll be here, my dear, I’ll here,
Don’t you worry now, I’ll be here.
Be at peace now, God rest your soul
Go to sleep now, I am here.

“Good night mother. I love you.”

(Written in haste, as life happens, hastily, rough and ready.)

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  1. Marilyn Brewer says:

    Such a resposability placed on the caregiver! We do it with love!

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