Inside, Outside, All Around the Mind


Inside, Outside, All Around the Mind

Inside, Outside, All Around the Mind

To Marianne, Along the Side of the Road
Inside, Outside, All Around the Mind was written
In response to “no comment” on Extroverted Introvert
AND inspired by mirella Patterns of Soul Development, the hero inside.
–H. W. Bryce

Inside, outside, all around the mind,
Ego hides behind a cloud.
Wait now, comes a noisy crowd,
Whadda they want, what’s to do with me?
Inside the self the ego hides behind me.

Inside out join the coffee club,
Jabber, jabber get to the nub
Of the matter, white, or black or grey,
Think outside the box
There’s so much fun with dividends to pay.

Which am I an extrovert who plays the game
Or introvert who plays self blame?
Who knows what’s the name to call me by
I’m sure I do know, now, goodbye.
I’m going now to sort out all of that.

No wait, I want to be more brave.
I want to learn just how I should behave.
Wait, I know just what it is that I should do:
Stand up and claim my rights, and that is true.
I must let loose the hero who’s inside.

So move aside, this shy and coward me.
Step away from my shadow, let me BE.
Let me go, I want to join the fun
I can learn to do what they know how to do,
So meet the new me with a new point of view.

This must echo the kind of thing going on in the dementia brain, judging by the behaviour of some as they dance around making a decision or making a choice. The strain on the face may be an indication as they try to tell you what they want or need. Especially when they are worrying about, “What’s happening to me? Am I still me?”     #caregiver    #dementia   #Alzheimers


Discordance by johnhain

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