When the Blues



H. W. Bryce

When the blues come out to visit you,
Hear the music that’s inside of you
It’s in there just awaiting to be played
Play it now and you’ll be glad it stayed.

It will lift your spirits up,
It will carry you along,
The beat will move your feet,
Your heart will meet the beat.

So cock a snook at pesky blues,
Put your worries down, you have paid your dues,
Dig down deep and you will know,
You’ll give those blues a mighty blow.

Those happy thoughts are sure to stay,
So, sing a different tune, I say,
Soon you’ll have a smile that will abide,
So listen to the music that’s inside.

Hear the music that’s inside,
Sing it out, sing it loud,
Sing those blues right to the ground,
Sing to turn those blues around.

Sing it out, sing it out,
Sing it out the door…
Sing it, sing it, sing it,
Sing it out the door.

As every care giver knows, the blues are a frequent visitor, both to the (patient) and to themselves.

I offer these words as a tip to cheer yourself up a little.

Works for me.

And I can’t even sing.

Picture credit at: Pixabay, Creative commons, Artsy Bee


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