Cobwebs: An Outrageous Appeal


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Cobwebs: An Outrageous Appeal


Memories in cobwebs left in the dust of time,
Not called upon, they fade into the mist.
Tricks fail to recall, even with the help of rhyme;
Soon they are forgotten and soon they’re never missed.

Yes, cobwebs, tangled in the distant mist of time,
Cobwebs, former memories of former better times,
Now swinging in the breeze, retired before their time,
Even former languages left rusting in the grime.

Trapped for food by a phantom spider’s grip,
Woven into this, her sticky glut’ness nest,
Struggle as they will, they cannot give the web the slip,
Woeful destiny, to be gobbled by a pest.

Memories that fade for lack of light
Cast into the shadows of the night
Never again to be seen as bright
Gives a person such an awful fright.

Greedy little spiders collecting shiny things,
Gather up the memories that used to fly on wings
Now clipped and stored, greedy spiders then forgot –
They went aprowling, where spiders meet to sing.

Now they lay enwrappped, much too tired to fight,
Cocooned there and saved, where they can never waft,
Padlocked and guarded by a long-forgotten key,
They’re left there hanging with the breezes in the loft.

— —

We’re Running out of Month

We’re running out of month. September is World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

We must not forget.

Outrageous Appeal

We need to spread the word; we need to raise that awareness and donate money and help in the fight to save ourselves from this mighty disastrous disease.

As for me, I live on a partial pension. I advocate via my blog at, and by selling my book to help raise my donation.

It has been a dream of mine to be a best-selling author. In Canada, that takes a mere 5,000 sales.

As there are a minimum of 564,000 people in Canada with Alzheimer’s / Dementia, 5,000 is nothing. But that many sales of my book “Chasing a Butterfly: A journey in poems of love and loss to acceptance,” the poetry of Alzheimer’s, poetry for everybody, would help the cause toward fighting these diseases and relieving the people with Alzheimer’s and their families who are “vicitims’ too.

Actually, if we sold 1,000 books at a mere $12.95, we would raise $12,950. If we sold 5,000, we’d raise $64,570.

Ten per cent of $64,570 equals $12,950. Not an insubstantial amount to contribute.

As I live on a fixed income, I am transferring ten per cent of each sale into a dedicated account for the Alzheimer’s Society of BC. BC, by the way, is the home of the University of British Colunbia, which has a world-leading research department investigating the disease and finding ways to mitigate it on the way to eliminating it.

My wife’s spirit will love you. Ann was always a giver – and a volunteer: she was the founding mother of the Surrey Navy League Cadets and Sea Cadets, and she presided over cadet organizations for twenty years before Alzheimer’s claimed her.

I thank you with my heart.

PS: You may think that 564,000 people with dementia/Alzheimer’s doesn’t sound like much in a population of 37 million – but it is a whole lot of woe.

Multiply that by about five to include immediate family members (unpaid care givers), close relatives, even neighbours who help out, and, again, that’s a whole whack of misery going about.

And the pandemic is growing.

You think we have time?

– – – – –

*564,000 Canadians with dementia – ALZ Soc Canada

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For a peek into “Chasing a Butterfly,” go to:

Further reading at    #caregiver   #dementia      #Alzheimers   

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