Virtual Hug


Virtual Hug

Truly I wish that you were here,
Or that I were there with you.
I’d pack it up upon a dare,
But my duties keep me here.
And so I send my virtual hug
And with it all my love and care,
And if it isn’t too much to lug,
Love and hug come as a pair.

I’m sitting here, I’m all alone,
My mind is seeking what I miss,
I’m sitting here, I’m dreaming dreams,
Emotions raw as stone.
In anguish of my missing you,
My lonely mind is utt’ring screams,
For I am here, wish you were too-
If only we could ride connective beams.

Wish you were here, right here with me,
To hold me tight like when you were;
Mem’ries keep our love alive
And I can vir-tu-ally see
The two of us in a virtual hug,
Just the way we’re meant to be.
The two of us in a virtual hug,
Just the way we’re meant to be.

Dear love of mine, I love you so,
Love you with all my heart,
If only you were here with me
I vow we’d never part.
Wish you were here or I were there-
This virtual postcard sends to you
My everlasting virtual hug,
A kiss, my dear, a virtual hug.

I hope that you are not forlorn,
I hope sometimes you find some fun,
I hope that you don’t pine away
And that you’re not there all alone.
I hate to see you stuck out there
While I am stuck out here;
It makes life feel so stark, I’m bound to say,
I miss our tender interplay.

So I send to you my virtual hug
Until I see you in my sight.
I miss you mightily, my dear,
I wish that you were here.
But never mind, we communicate,
There are so many ways.
So meanwhile, love, I compensate,
I send to you my virtual hug.

–By H. W. Bryce
Upon the approach of my Ann’s birth date.

H. W. Bryce, Author of Chasing Butterfly: A journey in poems of love and loss to acceptance, the Poetry of Alzheimer’s and Poems for Everybody.

Available at –
Preview available there.

Note: Partial proceeds go to the Alzheimer’s Society to fight this disease.

H. W. Bryce blogs at: (Books, Blogs and Butterflies)
Mr. Bryce served as Judge at 2017 Rabindranath Tagore Awards International, English Poetry
He is published in several anthologies, in Canada and in the USA.

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