Electrodes in the Brain


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Electrodes in the Brain

Electrodes in the brain, electrodes in the brain,
Sparks are flying and falling like rain,
You feel alive and you’re feeling no pain,
And life is all about power and gain.

No longer a slouch, you want to step out,
Now that you’ve conquered that dreadful gout.
You’ve come alive, you can’t help but to spout,
’Cause you’ve kicked that old depression right out.

Electrodes, electrodes, beautiful crackling electrodes,
They caress your dendrites and spark up your synapses,
And they make your blood run so hot,
So there’s nothing that you can not

Electrodes, electrodes, bless those wonderful electrodes,
Feeding the brain, bringing it back from the rusty corrodes,
Putting it once more in top gear and setting it to “strive,”
Science to the rescue, patient once more fully alive.

Be thankful to those wonderful wee gadgets,
Thanks to them the brain no longer need scratch it –
Reaching in to relive the past, no need to grope,
Electrodes, electrodes, giving the lost ones new hope.

— —

Electrodes in the Brain

An Alzheimer’s study at Johns Hopkins university/hospital in Baltimore places electrodes in the brain to stimulate glucose to the brain.
That is, a pacemaker sends electric currents to the brain to do that, and it “Wakes” the memory. Otherwise, parts of the brain shut down without the glucose, the brain’s food, and memory dies.
“It’s like turning the light on.” Now there are 120 pp in the study.
–Global News, Oct 6, 2017 (Ann’s birthday)

Credit: Pixaby

Chasing a Butterfly, book by H. W. Bryce, with the Poetry of Alzheimer’s and Poems for Everybody, is available at goo.gl/nexsF4  and http://bit.ly/2jQpFxS
Mr. Bryce was a judge at the 2017 Rabindranath Tagore Award International, English Poetry (India).

A percentage of each book purchase is contributed to the Alzheimer’s Society of BC for research and people support.

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    Wow! That is amazing! Sounds promising!

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    Thank you very much Someone. Very kind of you, and much appreciated.

  3. admin says:

    Thank you Anonymous. It does sound heartening, doesn’t it? Ain’t science great?

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