I Am…the dew

I Am the Dew

I Am…the dew

I am healthy, I am whole,
I am rain, I am snow,
And hail and sleet and waves;
I am the dew upon your lash,
And I am here.

And if and when comes the time,
Let the church’s bell chime,
It won’t be that I am leaving
It’ll be that I am taken,
But I am here.

You may cry, you may weep,
You may never sleep,
But I’m the tear from your eye
That trembles on your lash,
And I am here.

You may lose your norm,
You may be the storm,
The wind of change may blow away,
But I am the breeze upon your cheek,
And I am here.

You may see the trouble coming,
You may’nt feel like humming,
You may feel your strength is crumbling,
But I’m that second wind you feel,
And I’m here.

You may be feeling lost in strife,
You may feel that life is not your life,
You may think disease has won the battle,
But I’m the one who gives you strength,
And I am here.

Sometimes the hurt can get you down,
Sometimes you feel that you’re a clown,
Life sometimes can be so cruel,
Life and death is everybody’s duel.

But do not let it keep you down,
You can smile all through that frown
Because your will is stronger than,
And I’m your Number One fan,
And I’m here.

You can lean on me, I’m always here,
Count on me, I’m always near,
I’m sticking close, I love you dear,
I am your friend, and I am here.

I’m the candy cane you feel upon your tongue,
I’m the reason that you feel so young,
I’m the warm and fuzzy feel of love,
I’m the sound of flapping wings of doves.

I am rain, I am snow
And wind and rain, and crow,
I am the meadow lark, forget-me-not,
I am the dew upon your lips,
And I am here.

And I’m here. And I’m here.
I’m everywhere you’re here,
I am the dew upon your lash,
I hope that I am not too brash,
But I’m here.

I am that wisp of cooling air,
That whisper in your ear,
I am that silent prayer
And the love you hold so dear,
I am the beat inside your heart,
The very pulse you feel.

And if and when comes the time,
Let the church’s bell chime,
It won’t be that you are leaving
It’ll be that you are being taken,
But I am here.

I am the dew upon your lash
And I will not let you crash.
Take my message to your heart,
You and I will never part.

–H. W. Bryce

*These lines are borrowed from my very good Facebook friend Deborah Solberg – “She’s still with you. That wisp of cool air. The whisper in your ear. That silent prayer,” written to a grieving friend on the loss of his sister.

CREDIT: Pixabay free commons

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