Hallowe’en to Hell


Hallowe'en to Hell

Hallowe’en to Hell

I took this beautiful woman home
For to share our Hallowe’en haul
But when she removed her hallowe’én face
She revealed herself witch
She cackled with such utter glee,
for she had most certainly fooled me,
And her rotting teeth rattled as she spoke: spake
“I’ve rabble to rouse, spirits to spook,
Your soul to take, a broom and steps to juke*.”

It was a murder of a date
And I feared my life to be at stake
Her eyeballs danced in their hollow sockets
And her words burned like Halowe’en rockets,
And her fingernails screeched through the air
She was a spectre on a tear!

She took me on a frightful ride
Disguised as a disheveled bride,
Through graveyards to a spooky party
Where crows and ravens were eating hearty,
Upon a corpse that writhed and moaned
‘Twere enough to make a grizzly groan.

She cavorted with dancing skeletons
Who, with all their kind would never weigh a ton,
And they all were laughing quite out of tune
And each took a turn to croon –
All to the rattling of a hollow jukebox –
No use telling them to pick up their socks.

They toasted their saints, each her and him,
By drinking the blood of their victims
And feeding the bats with baby’s eyeballs
While calling the rats with wild wolf calls
And by floating in space upside down
To make their smiles look like frowns.

I found a bottle of captain’s rum
And swizzled the entire bottle down
To hide the terror before my eyes –
This hell would frighten even the wise…

I woke up under a gravestone that said
My name ever so grave, I died on Hallowe’en 1946…..
And when I moved, I rattled like a pile of bricks,
Here I was, now made of bare bones and sticks.

So if you go out on Hallowe’en night,
You’d better go out prepared,
For should you ever meet up with that witch,
You’ll die at the hands of that bitch.

— —

Credit: Steve Dent saved to Character sketches
Сказочная коллекция – filinova.com

Happy Hallowe’en everybody. Keep safe your littlies, your elderlies, your doggies and your kitties.
Especially, watch over your sick and your frail, and your Alzheimer’s stricken who might relate.
Hang up your garlic rings, keep your wooden stake close to hand, and wear your golden cross.
And make sure that under your feet, you never grow any moss.

*juke: dance, especially to the music of a jukebox: a middle-aged couple juked to the music

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Mr. Bryce was a judge at the 2017 Rabindranath Tagore Award International, English Poetry (India).
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