Lost in the Moment


Lost in the Moment

Lost in the Moment

H. W. Bryce

I dream of every precious moment when we meet,
I picture me, as I sweep her off her feet,
I picture her, as she dissolves in happy tears.

“Yet every time I brave myself, for that moment
When she appears, then I’m lost within that moment
When once again the time just disappears.”*

And I wallow there, lost in love and wonderment
Of her beauty, that she loves me, and is it meant?
She smiles and I am stuck as if pinned by spears.

Oh, the pain of love is so exquisite, yet so pure
To render man so useless that he can’t endure
The pleasure that is love as love just now appears.

Lost in the moment, my life now hangs suspended,
Clinging to that moment, as if my life depended
Upon that moment when that vision reappears.

Then at that moment when the clock strikes that time, and sears,
She appears, a vision, and I dissolve in sweet, sweet tears;
It makes my heart ache with love. Lost in the moment.

— —

*These are the words of my friend Joe Brazeal, whose wife is fighting Alzheimer’s. Thanks Joe.

Raising funds to fight Alzheimer’s: Chasing a Butterfly, book by H. W. Bryce, with the Poetry of Alzheimer’s and Poems for Everybody, is available at 
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A percentage of each book purchase is contributed to the Alzheimer’s Society of BC for research and people support.
Mr. Bryce was a judge at the 2017 Rabindranath Tagore Award International, English Poetry (India).
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