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Hidden Hero

Hero or coward?

“I am mighty, I am strong!
I can whip any wrong.
I will face each bully down.
I will make it safe in town.”

No I’m not, I’m afraid.
I’m a victim ready made.
I’m no hero, leave me be,
I just want to live as free.

There’s a hero in each of us
Just waiting to be born,
All we have to do is call on him,
He’ll answer to the trumpet horn.
— —

The Inner Struggle

Inside, outside, all around the mind,
Ego hides behind a cloud.
Wait now, comes a noisy crowd,
Whadda they want, what’s to do with me?
Inside the self the ego hides behind the me.

Inside, out, join the coffee club,
Jabber, jabber get to the nub
Of the matter, white, or black or grey,
Think outside the box,
There’s so much fun with dividends to pay.

“Which am I, an extrovert who plays the game?
Or introvert who plays at self blame?
Who knows what’s the name to call me by?
I’m sure I do not know, goodbye!”

No wait, I want to be more brave,
I want to learn just how I should behave.
No wait, already I know just what it is that I should do:
Stand up and claim my rights, and that is overdue.

There is a hero inside of each of us
Say hello to your braver self,
And when he comes and saves the day,
He will fill you up with undiluted awe.

Inside, outside, hide or fight it out
You have a hero inside of you, never you doubt,
He waits for discovery, waiting to come out.
Work with him now, work together as a pair,
Show the people just how much it is that you care.
You can face the world now, you can even dare
To let your courage grow.
You are your own hero, didn’t you know?

The resolve

So that is life, on the ever ever go.
So my hidden hero, no need to stow away,
You can come on out, any needed day,
You’re always welcome here. So come on and stay.

— —

You can always come on out and play;
Any needed day.
I wish you’d come and stay.

When facing fear and adversity, sickness or death,
-OR, just for a good read of Poetry for the People-
turn to a good book

“Chasing a Butterfly” by H W. Bryce

Signing your copy tomorrow, November 18, 2017,

At Black Bond Books,
Haney Place Mall,
Maple Ridge, BC

See you there, Hidden Hero.

Chasing a Butterfly

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