Night is Closing in on Me


Night is closing in on me
Night is Closing in on Me

Night is closing in on me,
He envelops me within his darkling cape.
He’s closing off the daytime frights
And bringing on the night’s delights.

Such dreams as I do dream on!
If only I could remember them,
Such plans that gel in sleep.
And if I could, these dreams I’d keep.

Night is closing in on me.
Why do I put up such a fight?
Why do I fear the night time?
Is’t why my life won’t rhyme?

Perhaps it’s best to ride the waves
Of setting sun and kiss the moon
As she manoeuvres tides,
And find the golden prize she hides.

Perhaps the sparkling morn will bring
The answer to my life’s most puzz’ling thing.
But I thank God there is a night
To feature all the stars so bright.

The stars they do spark up the mind,
Fill it with such imagination’s
Bounty, from which to pick the flow’rs
That give the minds its super pow’rs.

Yes, the night is closing in on me.
I will embrace his velvet touch
And rest my weary bones the while
With which to embrace the day with style.

H. W. Bryce

— —
Good night, sweet love. 
The Alzheimer’s sufferer’s wish?
To sleep or to wake?

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See you soon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great Job, Herb! Very nice poem.

  2. admin says:

    Hello “Someone.” Thank you very much for you lovely comment. I do so appreciate that. Sorry, the report says only that someone commented. I’m wishing you the best.

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    Hi #MarilynBrewer. Thank you ever so much for checking in with me. I hope that you are faring well and that Hubby is of good cheer.

  4. admin says:

    Thank you ever so much, friend.

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