State of Mind


State of Mind

State of Mind

Old age is just a state of mind
It is what you make of it
If along the way you can be kind
Then you’ll be fine at the end of it

Middle age is just a state of mind
A balance of work and rest
A chase not to be left behind
Or a chance to be your very best

Youth is a just state of mind
It’s either a waste or an epic blast
You can be the orange or you can be the rind
It all depends on how you let yourself be cast

And O! To be a babe again
To be loved for what I am
And not for what I could or should become
But just for being what I am

— —

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Judge at 6th Rabindrinath Tagore Awards - International - English Poetry Contest Author of Ann, A Tribute, and Chasing a Butterfly, A story of love and loss to Acceptance
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