There is Hunger in the World


There is Hunger in the World

There is hunger in the world
To be loved
A hunger to be acknowledged
To belong
There is hunger in the world
For quiet
And a hunger everywhere
For peace

(Well, not everywhere, for there is still
not peace
There is still
Not love
There is an appetite in some hearts
For hate
A hunger to be acknowledged
As better than you
There is a hunger in the hearts of some
For civil disquiet)

Better to break bread together
Than to shout and fight
Better to aim higher
To shine brighter with love
Than to starve with hate

Oh, there is hunger in the mind
For saying
And hunger in the soul
For hearing
Hunger amongst the poor
Amidst the downtrodden
And the memory loss people
The cancer-ridden, the lost
And the stolen,
Hunger amidst all who wander
In the mind, in the land
There is seeking
Seeking food for the belly
Food for the mind
Food for the soul

There is craving in the world
Craving for understanding
There is searching for a voice
There is a reaching out
For a friendly hand
To shake

There is a hunger in the world
That is not being fed
Hear the cries of the hungry
For they are life
And life is precious
More precious than all the words can tell
There is a hunger
Hunger in the world

Break bread with the hungry
Feed the starving minds
Break with the hatred
We are all of a kind

Reach out – Reach out.

CREDIT: Pixabay

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