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Thanks Poetic Justice – Poetry New Westminster.

Here’s a wee sample:


The road was hard,
The battle bitter,
And though you proved indeed
To be a worthy foe,
Your cause was wrong,
Your tactics merely spite,
And she it was who fought
The better bitter fight.

So you may wrack her body,
But you can never take her soul,
For the “She” remains complete,
And you shall pay the toll.
For she’s the proven Victor,
And to the Victor comes the peace,
And she shall dance with angels,
And wear the golden fleece!
— —

Come and join Sylvia Taylor and me.

Here you will find some humour too.

Also, Sylvia is amazing.

You will find us at the Heritage Grill in New Westminster
447 Columbia Street
2:00 p.m.

Parking on the Parkade, off Fourth Street.

See ya there.

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