Dreams from a Painting


Dreams from a Painting


Dreams, dreams, day and night,
Can’t get that dream out of sight
Dollar bills, beauty house,
Fancy car, gorgeous spouse,
Picket fence, rose garden too,
Come on Fate, make dream come true.

Win, win, lottery win,
Give my life a lively spin;
Hope is where the future lives
Heart is the gift that gives.

But then at night, think it through,
What if life and I were through –
Couldn’t take it all along,
Things are here where they belong,
Maybe keys to Heaven are the keys to life
Odds and evens balance out, opportunities are rife.

Set for life a living dream,
Expenses are an endless stream…
Life must balance, I’ve found out,
So I kick that dream right out,
I’m living life as best I can,
With hope and heart, I kick the can.

Someone posted this attractive painting, perhaps her daydream, perhaps ours too.
But the tickets prompted this “sort of” philosophical stream of conscience.
Could that someone please contact me – either for credit, or to kill the illustration.
I like the painting for its evocative quality, its imagination, its color, and, yes, its composition.
Thank you.

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See you soon.


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