Upon Looking Back


Upon Looking Back

Upon Looking Back

Upon looking back
At the turmoil of my life,
I can see it all n ow,
What I couldn’t see then:
I did have the strength,
I did deal with everything.
I did grow stronger
In every way!

Oh, it took a while.
I stumbled here and there,
I even failed once or twice,
But overall, I think,
In looking back again,
I did all right.

The thing to do from now, of course,
Is forge ahead with will,
With purpose, determination.
And live life to the gill.

Hold no regrets, take no foolish bets,
And deal with everything one gets
Along the way; hold true to one’s belief;
Enjoy the moment. Don’t pass by too brief.

So, upon looking back upon my life,
I see that I have survived the strife,
And though there may be more of that to come,
In the end, I’ll add up a plus in life’s grand sum.

— –h w bryce

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See you soon.


Thank you for this year.

See you on the other side, in my new abode.

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