Hey Folks – I’m Back!

Hey Folks - I'm Back!

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Hey Folks – I’m Back

Black Bond Books here have just informed me that my book Chasing a Butterfly “was one of our top 3 selling poetry books of 2017!”
PS: I’ll be back soon. I have been tied up these past few months with finding a new place to live, then downsizing (Big Time!!!) from house to tiny apartment (with sloping, wavy floors – sit on my office chair at my desk and I get a ride down hill), sorting, packing, days of moving, and now living in a mess and trying to catch up on paying bills and all kinds of past, neglected business. 
It’s been such a moving experience. 🙁
Still, in the midst of it – I think it was while collecting the scattered photos when one of them triggered what I am pleased to call a thought – I stopped and scribbled the following in my pocket notebook. It was the first “creative” thought in many weeks. I reproduce it here pretty much the way I jotted it down.
A funny thing happened
on the way to my new abode
Sorting papers
Being tough – forcing myself – 
Me saying goodbye
Sorting, gathering
Box after box of photos
And I see her here
And suddenly I’m crying…
The more I get it together,
The more I fall apart!
How many goodbyes must one say?
Even after that final goodbye,
And that after all those long, long goodbyes –
That long series of goodbyes to the
Various personalities moulded by Alzheimer’s.
So it’s goodbye, my love,,,
But never, really,
I now go forward
With courage and expectancy
To new adventures…
Thank you, my love,
You moulded me well.
I shall do you proud.
— —
The more I get it togeter,
The more I fall apart!
ADD?? The blunt truth is that although pain of loss fades with time, grief can still strike at any time.
Love is deep.
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Cheers, Friends.

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