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Why is this book here if it is not for sale? Because it indicates that I have published a book, and to act as a place holder for my next planned book, “My Twelve Stages” as a Reluctant Care Giver.
This book was created using Blurb.com.

For this book, I didn’t mind the cover being slightly off-centre because that’s what the disease of Alzheimer’s is, and that is what it does to its victims.


About My Project

I found that the only way to cope with the stress and confusion, and constant readjustments involved in living with Alzheimer’s, was to express my inner frustration and sometimes rage. I found the pathway to doing that was in writing poetry. I can probably safely say that this process saved me from going over the edge. Then I found a course on coping with Alzheimer’s as a care giver. This was followed up by attending regular support group meetings. So now I have a book of poems “Chasing a Butterfly,” about to be released.

Planned next is a book about the twelve stages I went through as a care giver. This book will trace the seven more or less loose stages of Alzheimer’s from the point of view of this family care giver. It, too, will be “A journey of love and loss to acceptance.”

It will also be a memoir – of her and of me.

The bottom line is that a portion of all sales will be contributed to the Alzheimer’s Society’s fight against this dreadful, debilitating disease.

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