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Hallowe’en to Hell

  Hallowe’en to Hell I took this beautiful woman home For to share our Hallowe’en haul But when she removed her hallowe’én face She revealed herself witch She cackled with such utter glee, for she had most certainly fooled me, … Continue reading

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One Rose

  One Rose A Fontanelle H. W. Bryce Pop-pop-pop-pop And three men fall Pop-pop-pop-pop And three more die Blood paints designs On the whitewashed wall Six souls rise from bodies once tall No one asks why A little girl recoils … Continue reading

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My Haircut: Part Two

  My Haircut About my haircut. Actually the time in the barber’s chair – see My Haircut, Part I in my previous blog – always reminds me of when I was still very young (yes, there was a time). But … Continue reading

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Harry’s Horror

  Harry’s Horror Harry was distinctly restless this day. He did a lot of pacing and moaning. His wife, Mary, became distinctly disturbed by his bellicose behaviour. It was symptomatic of Harry’s horror. Mary checked his medication dispenser. The pills … Continue reading

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  Courier It’s dark, it’s crispy, your nerves feel wispy As you walk out into the night You don’t wish to go, it’s the night of the fright, But the cupboard is bare so it is that you dare Walk … Continue reading

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People of the Street

  The People of the Street With homelessness running rampant and many homeless suffering with mental illness, I thought I would ‘pay tribute’ to the unfortunates… Rough and tumble they may be But inside, they have love. They do what … Continue reading

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  Rat-a-tat-tat Rat-a-tat-tat – Rat-a-tat-rat-tat! The uzi fills the wall with pock holes Poc-poc-poc-poc Little children too small and low to be hit They duck and tremble, mute with fear The old lady’s face freezes on an expression of terror, … Continue reading

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