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Chasing a Butterfly

 Chasing a Butterfly


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Chasing a Butterfly

This “Poem for Ann” is a love letter of anguish and humor, the poet’s way of coping with his loved one’s tortuous journey into that erosive malady, Alzheimer’s Disease. Some seven dozen poems chronicle the gradual decline of the dynamic human being with whom he has spent fifty years, and they serve as a plea for a cure, or, better, for a ‘lifeway’ of prevention arising out of an accurate analysis of it causes. Anyone and everyone who has had or does have an encounter with Dementia diseases will relate to Ann’s experiences at each of Alzheimer’s seven stages. Those who have not will readily appreciate the compassion and candor within these mostly lyrical poems. This author/poet often receives requests to read specific poems that resonate particularly with this or that person. Sometimes these requests are for the humorous poems, sometimes for the poignant. This will be my first book of several to be published.

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Ann's CoverAnn

I wrote and created this book, and it is in print. “Chasing a Butterfly.” It won’t, however, be for sale. I made it especially for Ann, when she was fighting the good fight against Alzheimer’s Disease. It is strictly a family book. I made this book via Blurb.com.

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