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*First, a word about “Chasing a Butterfly”

Chasing a Butterfly

A love letter to my wife, “Chasing a Butterfly” expresses both the tragedy of loss – from person to lost soul – and the metaphorical and lyrical behaviour of the butterfly. Both are endangered species. This book of  about 80 poems – many lyrical, some humourous – has been cathartic for the poet and soothing for his wife of fifty years. His fellow care givers – he having begun as Mr. Reluctant – have not only praised his work but regularly request readings. The author has been happy to oblige.

*Next: These are the books I have in writing. They will appear in turn after
“Chasing a Butterfly.”

My 12 Stages

This will be my second book, to follow publication of Chasing a Butterfly.

Back Page Holder, Captured, for 12 StagesFron Cover Holdeer for 12 stages, snippedThis part Journal, part Memoir, follows the author’s agonizing and rewarding experiences through his wife’s gradual disappearance as a vibrant being and inevitable fading into helplessness. The struggles
inspired the author’s book of poetry, “Chasing a Butterfly,” and transformed him from “Not That Caring Person” to tender care giver and advocate in the cause to fight Alzheimer’s. He writes that the stress was such that writing poetry saved him from “going over the edge. In “My 12 Stages,” he follows his own progression in step with the 7 major stages of Alzheimer’s.

 And for Young Adults:

To come later.

Bless My Soul

This is planned as my third publication, after My Twelve Stages:

Front Cover Holder for BlessBack Cover Holder for Bless -- CaptureMore About the author
It is interesting to note that the author’s parents owned a country store when he was a child. When his father joined the Army and went overseas during the Second World War, his mother ran the store alone. Then she traded stores for one in town, and moved the family into what then seemed to the author, as a child, to be a very Big Town.

About Bless My Soul

Ruth is overwhelmed when her mom sells her country store to further Ruth’s education in Big Town. She meets rebel girl Dodie and starts to change. Then she meets Serge, from the French quarter. They get into such trouble they must run for their lives, chased by a biker gang being chased by the police, ending in a shooting…Ruth’s. Written by a former teacher.


My Favourite Dragon

 This is planned as my fourth publication, after Bless My Soul. It is for Younger Readers.

My Favourite Dragon CoverBack Cover Holder for My Fave -- CaptureMore About the author:

The very first thing that happened to the author as his mother was moving their things into an old rental house in town was that he got all excited and took a bicycle ride of exploration. He didn’t get down the first block before the town bully stopped him and accused him of stealing the bicycle.

About My Favourite Dragon

A boy beset by a drunken father and a bully in the earliest Canadian school threatens to retaliate with a dragon attack. The bully scoffs at him. Finally, pushed too far, the boy persuades his mysterious aunt to take him to Dragonville, deep in the mountain ranges of early B.C. On the way, he is tested sorely for determination, resolve, and character. He fails and he falls ill. That is when the marauders catch up to the intrepid little group – and when he meets a strange little critter that becomes his Favourite Dragon. Together they become involved in a dragon war – and undergo their severest tests.

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