Books, Books, Books


Sidewalk sale
Selling books
Thanks to all

Books, Books, Books

Just set up at Black Bond Books, Haney Mall, Maple Ridge, BC
And already tablemate John Knapp is in business.

Thank you to all who turned out Saturday. It was a marvelous day.

Shari and the Black Bond crew did a marvelous job hosting
14 local area writers and poets. Kudos crew! We love you.

Next: back to voluntary solitary confinement to work on some
new poems for you all. It’s always a pleasure.

You can visit me at

You can peruse the opening sections and verses of my book
Chasing a Butterfly at:

Amazon: and


See you soon.




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Hidden Hero


Hidden Hero badge

Hidden Hero

Hero or coward?

“I am mighty, I am strong!
I can whip any wrong.
I will face each bully down.
I will make it safe in town.”

No I’m not, I’m afraid.
I’m a victim ready made.
I’m no hero, leave me be,
I just want to live as free.

There’s a hero in each of us
Just waiting to be born,
All we have to do is call on him,
He’ll answer to the trumpet horn.
— —

The Inner Struggle

Inside, outside, all around the mind,
Ego hides behind a cloud.
Wait now, comes a noisy crowd,
Whadda they want, what’s to do with me?
Inside the self the ego hides behind the me.

Inside, out, join the coffee club,
Jabber, jabber get to the nub
Of the matter, white, or black or grey,
Think outside the box,
There’s so much fun with dividends to pay.

“Which am I, an extrovert who plays the game?
Or introvert who plays at self blame?
Who knows what’s the name to call me by?
I’m sure I do not know, goodbye!”

No wait, I want to be more brave,
I want to learn just how I should behave.
No wait, already I know just what it is that I should do:
Stand up and claim my rights, and that is overdue.

There is a hero inside of each of us
Say hello to your braver self,
And when he comes and saves the day,
He will fill you up with undiluted awe.

Inside, outside, hide or fight it out
You have a hero inside of you, never you doubt,
He waits for discovery, waiting to come out.
Work with him now, work together as a pair,
Show the people just how much it is that you care.
You can face the world now, you can even dare
To let your courage grow.
You are your own hero, didn’t you know?

The resolve

So that is life, on the ever ever go.
So my hidden hero, no need to stow away,
You can come on out, any needed day,
You’re always welcome here. So come on and stay.

— —

You can always come on out and play;
Any needed day.
I wish you’d come and stay.

When facing fear and adversity, sickness or death,
-OR, just for a good read of Poetry for the People-
turn to a good book

“Chasing a Butterfly” by H W. Bryce

Signing your copy tomorrow, November 18, 2017,

At Black Bond Books,
Haney Place Mall,
Maple Ridge, BC

See you there, Hidden Hero.

Chasing a Butterfly

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Reasons to Come, Shake my Hand


Reasons to Come, Shake my Hand

The collection of poems in this book will tremendously help and offer support to others who are experiencing this struggle with their loved ones.

Mr. Bryce has painted, with his beautiful poetry, a picture of the sorrows and joys; the ups and downs of caring for one who has Alzheimer’s. I highly recommend this beautiful and heartfelt tribute to Ann, and to the enduring love she and Mr. Bryce hold so dear. Chasing A Butterfly is indeed a true and lasting tribute to that love. Bravo, Mr. Bryce ~ a beautiful book, indeed.
–Deborah L. Kelly, Poet/Artist/Writer, North Vancouver, BC

One of the ‘gifts’ of the dementia journey is our opportunity to be able to show compassion and care because of the relationship and love that is already there. Thank you for being so generous in sharing your amazing ability to capture so many of the sentiments of care giving in your poetry!
–Dorothy Leclair, Alzheimer’s leader, Burnaby BC

Your writings are a true inspiration to those of us still on this long journey. I can connect with your words as you really know what it is like. You bring humor and hope to such a dreadful disease. You have travelled the journey and your poems give me the feeling of someone to talk to and calm my fears. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
–Marilyn Brewer, care giver to her husband, New Brunswick

So well said! And, thank you, for all you do to bring attention to the world of Alzheimer’s and to the families effected. You are a beacon for many looking for their way in this journey!
–Elaine Hodgkins Fitzgerald, Jay, Maine

AND REMEMBER: A portion of all proceeds from “Chasing a Butterfly” by H. W. Bryce sales will go to the Alzheimer’s Society of BC. The people from there were of invaluable service to me in my time of need.

I do hope to see you there, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2017.
I will be there, hand at the ready, from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m.

My fellow local writers will be there during the hours of 10:00 am. to 5:00 p.m. Please support them.

Black Bond Books, Haney Place Mall, Maple Ridge, BC
Corner of Lougheed Highway and 224 Street.

NOVEMBER 18, 2017. See you Nov. 18, 2017.

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Come, Shake My Hand


Come, Shake Our Hand

Come, yon Reader, meet our merry band,
We have treats, so come and shake our hand.

Come and find a reading treat,
To buy a book’s an easy feat.

We’ll read, we’ll sign, we’ll even hug,
Because it’s true, you’ve got the reading bug.

See You there.


Come, Shake Our Hand

Appearing with thirteen fellow writers, all local area authors,

in Black Bond Books’ MEET LOCAL AUTHORS Day.

Come on along; bring friends.

My hour starts at 1:00 PM, along with fellow writer/poet
John Knapp.

Haney Place Mall, Maple Ridge, BC
Lougheed Hy from 224th St. to 226th St.


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Last Post



Last Post

Last Post

LAST POST – The Words

By H. W. Bryce

Offered in honour of all war veterans.

Goodbye, dear soul. You have fought the good fight and won the day.
You carried our flag and you fought with valour. We salute you. Now we’ll carry the torch on high
to cast light on the darkness of evil for country and peace. Like you, we shall try to car-ry
on even though we are afraid. You have won us a new sunrise and we shall seize an-oth-er day. Your
work is done and you’ve done us proud. End of day we shall remember you. Dear sou-
-oul. Goodbye. Now go to your rest. Sleep.

— —

I offer this in reverence.

I remember my mother’s father, Wilfrid Lenton, and her two brothers, Wilfrid and Richard;
and My father, Herbert Leslie Bryce, and two of his brothers, Alfred and Raymond.

This is the extent of my knowledge of family military history.

May they rest in peace.


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Lost in the Moment


Lost in the Moment

Lost in the Moment

H. W. Bryce

I dream of every precious moment when we meet,
I picture me, as I sweep her off her feet,
I picture her, as she dissolves in happy tears.

“Yet every time I brave myself, for that moment
When she appears, then I’m lost within that moment
When once again the time just disappears.”*

And I wallow there, lost in love and wonderment
Of her beauty, that she loves me, and is it meant?
She smiles and I am stuck as if pinned by spears.

Oh, the pain of love is so exquisite, yet so pure
To render man so useless that he can’t endure
The pleasure that is love as love just now appears.

Lost in the moment, my life now hangs suspended,
Clinging to that moment, as if my life depended
Upon that moment when that vision reappears.

Then at that moment when the clock strikes that time, and sears,
She appears, a vision, and I dissolve in sweet, sweet tears;
It makes my heart ache with love. Lost in the moment.

— —

*These are the words of my friend Joe Brazeal, whose wife is fighting Alzheimer’s. Thanks Joe.

Raising funds to fight Alzheimer’s: Chasing a Butterfly, book by H. W. Bryce, with the Poetry of Alzheimer’s and Poems for Everybody, is available at and
A percentage of each book purchase is contributed to the Alzheimer’s Society of BC for research and people support.
Mr. Bryce was a judge at the 2017 Rabindranath Tagore Award International, English Poetry (India).
— —

Continue reading

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Hallowe’en to Hell


Hallowe'en to Hell

Hallowe’en to Hell

I took this beautiful woman home
For to share our Hallowe’en haul
But when she removed her hallowe’én face
She revealed herself witch
She cackled with such utter glee,
for she had most certainly fooled me,
And her rotting teeth rattled as she spoke: spake
“I’ve rabble to rouse, spirits to spook,
Your soul to take, a broom and steps to juke*.”

It was a murder of a date
And I feared my life to be at stake
Her eyeballs danced in their hollow sockets
And her words burned like Halowe’en rockets,
And her fingernails screeched through the air
She was a spectre on a tear!

She took me on a frightful ride
Disguised as a disheveled bride,
Through graveyards to a spooky party
Where crows and ravens were eating hearty,
Upon a corpse that writhed and moaned
‘Twere enough to make a grizzly groan.

She cavorted with dancing skeletons
Who, with all their kind would never weigh a ton,
And they all were laughing quite out of tune
And each took a turn to croon –
All to the rattling of a hollow jukebox –
No use telling them to pick up their socks.

They toasted their saints, each her and him,
By drinking the blood of their victims
And feeding the bats with baby’s eyeballs
While calling the rats with wild wolf calls
And by floating in space upside down
To make their smiles look like frowns.

I found a bottle of captain’s rum
And swizzled the entire bottle down
To hide the terror before my eyes –
This hell would frighten even the wise…

I woke up under a gravestone that said
My name ever so grave, I died on Hallowe’en 1946…..
And when I moved, I rattled like a pile of bricks,
Here I was, now made of bare bones and sticks.

So if you go out on Hallowe’en night,
You’d better go out prepared,
For should you ever meet up with that witch,
You’ll die at the hands of that bitch.

— —

Credit: Steve Dent saved to Character sketches
Сказочная коллекция –

Happy Hallowe’en everybody. Keep safe your littlies, your elderlies, your doggies and your kitties.
Especially, watch over your sick and your frail, and your Alzheimer’s stricken who might relate.
Hang up your garlic rings, keep your wooden stake close to hand, and wear your golden cross.
And make sure that under your feet, you never grow any moss.

*juke: dance, especially to the music of a jukebox: a middle-aged couple juked to the music

Raising funds to fight Alzheimer’s: Chasing a Butterfly, book by H. W. Bryce, with the Poetry of Alzheimer’s and Poems for Everybody, is available at and
A percentage of each book purchase is contributed to the Alzheimer’s Society of BC for research and people support.
Mr. Bryce was a judge at the 2017 Rabindranath Tagore Award International, English Poetry (India).
Further reading at #caregiver #dementia #Alzheimer’s

— —

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