Goodbye Regret: I’ve no more use for you


Goodbye regret

Shaking off regret – celebrating

Goodbye Regret

Goodbye regret,
I’ve no more use for you
You used my time
You sapped my strength
But now I’m fine, Goodbye.

I made amends, apologized,
I started new but there was you
Still harassing me,
And there was me still paralyzed.

I’m sorry I was kind to you
I never should have let you in,
But I am strong now once again,
Goodbye regret – you’ve had your due.

Goodbye, I’m showing you the door
It works both ways, it’s how you came,
It’s how you’re going out. Slam the door,
Throw a fit, it isn’t going to help.
I’m through with you. Now shoo!

You’ve done your worst, I’ve paid the cost,
I’ve suffered, I was lost. But now I’m through
With being bossed by such as you.
I’m through with you, goodbye regret, goodbye!

I banish you to wilderness
With sorrow, hurt, heartbreak and all,
I now adopt my new good friend, Good Vibes,
I’ve had enough of your Downside, goodbye!

Goodbye regret you have no use,
You only put the damper on.
I now subscribe one heavy dose
Of this: your own snake oil so gross.

–H. W. Bryce


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