Everyone Has a Mother


Everyone has a mother

Everyone Has a Mother

Everyone has a mother; most have a grandma too,
You may be young and hip, well hurray for you,
But if you don’t know your grandma’s story,
You don’t know just who you are.
Even “evil people” have mothers,
And even they love their mothers,
You’d think that we have this in common,
That here is a point to start from,
A place to launch that new start,
A way to till that common ground
That leads to the breaking of bread together,
And the shaking of a newly found friend’s hand.
Presuming that mothers are motherly,
And not propaganda machines,
Listen to your mother, she loves you,
And wants only the best in your life.

Oh, temptations are luringly wantable,
But remember what your mother has said,
Beware of temptations awooing,
They’ll be sure to be your undoing,
For they take you off from your lifeline
And you lose when opportunity strikes.

So feed at your mother’s knee, friend,
She speaks the wisdom of ages
And wisdom will serve to the end.

So don’t get so wrapped up in the technos,
Remember we all have a heart;
Remember also that living is sharing,
For which caring is an integral part.
The world does not revolve around you,
It carries us all, after all –
What you feel, I can feel,
And what I love, you can love,
And love can trump all of our hate.
All we need do is work it together,
Our egos left behind at the door,
For there really is a floor
For neglect and cruelty and hate,
Below which we must never drop…

Think of the disenchanted, the ill, the poor and the needy,
Think of the turmoil in the minds of the mothers
When diseases like Alzheimer’s calls
And the brain that was active now crawls.

Though it’s different when it visits your own,
We all have mothers, remember,
So treat all others as if one of your own,
We’re all one big family, each is an equal member.

Treat everyone as if they were your mother,
And you simply cannot go wrong!

–H. W. bryce

Credit: Pixaby

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